7:30am “Lyrical Pursuit” figure out the song lyric to win breakfast at Bojangles

8:30am “Birthday Shouts” one person wins a dozen cupcakes from cupcake kissses each morning. submit your birthday at Star95.com

3:00pm “Love It Ore Leave It” we will play 2 brand new songs, you let us know which one you like the best.

4:00pm “Double Shots with Doc” listen for 2 songs back to back by the same artist

5:00pm “5 oclock free for all” it’s an all request party on the drive home from work brought to you by Ramey brick house every Friday is “Sugar Rush Friday” let us know where you listen at work, we will deliver cupcakes for breakfast to one lucky office each Friday morning. Enter your office to win at star95.com

Every Saturday morning 7a-11a “The Daily Download” Carson Daily plays the top30 most popular songs

Every Sunday night 7p-11p “Sunday Night slow jams” R-Dub plays your requests and dedications “Oral Expressions” and all r&b slow jams. Brought to you by sly fox vape shop, visit slyfox.com