Divinyls – Boys In Town [HQ/1080p]


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Divinyls formed in 1980 fronted by lead singer Christina Amphlett. After scoring several gigs in pubs and clubs, they were discovered by Australian director Ken Cameron, who was in the midst of making the movie Monkey Grip. This discovery led Divinyls to providing the entire soundtrack for the film and also offered Amphlett a supporting role playing a temperamental rock singer based on herself. The song “Boys in Town” was released from the soundtrack as the band’s debut single and garnered commercial success when it charted in the top ten on the Australian singles chart. It was the first song that Amphlett and McEntee had written together.

When Divinyls released their debut studio album Desperate in 1983, four of the songs from the Monkey Grip soundtrack were also included, in particular “Boys in Town”. However, on the Australian release of Desperate, “Boys in Town” and the other songs previously seen on Monkey Grip were omitted.

Amphlett garnered widespread attention for performing on stage in a school uniform and fishnet stockings, and often used an illuminated neon tube as a prop for displaying aggression towards both band members and the audience. Originally a five-piece, the band underwent numerous line-up changes while Amphlett and McEntee remained as core members, before its dissolution in 1996.

Info source: http://en.wikipedia.org

Good quality videos of Divinyls are hard to find. This one is no exception. The only decent one you may be able to get your hands on if you are determined and hunt hard enough for it, is a ‘Rage TV’ capture from Australia. The quality is excellent on the original capture although there is an inferior “copy of a copy of a copy” doing the rounds and it’s not very good. I’ve got them both. Needless to say I’ve used the quality capture to upscale to 1080p.

Some cleaning of the image was done to remove bits and pieces of crap. I’ve decided not to remove some black ‘scratches’ that came from the slightly damaged video film that was the origin of the digital transfer. They are not very noticeable and adds a kind of ‘authenticity’ to the age of this old classic from Australia. A bit of sharpening and detail enhancement was also done.

Audio on all copies of this are in mono and sounded awful. Dumping a digital CD track was not possible at first because the video sound runs much faster. So a high quality time stretch-compressor had to be used to manipulate the sound from the CD. A few edits later and a slight tweak to the overall sound, and you now have it in great quality stereo. So turn up the sound on your systems and enjoy it.

I hope you all enjoy this video upscale. Please share the link with your friends and I hope it doesn’t end up being blocked in your country.