Emotional Oranges – Personal [Lyric Video]


Emotional Oranges – Personal [Lyric Video]

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Released by Avant Garden July 24th, 2018
As heard in VanossGaming videos.

Verse 1:
I was out getting faded, ‘til she hit me up
She heard I was zoning, girl you trip too much
It’s only been like three months, why you take it personal, personal like that?

I like to push her buttons, it gets her tight
I say something slick like “maybe, I ain’t your type…”
Your problem is you get angry, you always take it personal, personal like that

Ooo, alright
I’ll make it up tonight
I wanna do all the things that you like Provided you give me time

I’m saying you, you’re right
You deserve what you like
I don’t even care about the cost
I came here just to you break you off

Verse 2:
Why you provoking me, boy please
Why do you fuck with me, knowing…
I’m gonna take it personal
I always take it personal, you should know i’m like that

You like to get me hot, you test me
You know how to hit the spot, touch me
I’m gonna take it personal
I always take it personal, you should know it’s like that

Hook 2:
Ooo, alright
Better make it up tonight
You gotta do all the things I like
Wine and dine me right

I’m saying ooo, alright
I deserve what i like
I don’t really care how much it cost
Just come and come and break me off

Won’t you say
Why won’t you say
(I want your love)