Questlove Launches Popcorn Collection With Williams Sonoma


Questlove has partnered with Williams Sonoma for a signature popcorn collection. The collection includes an avocado oil spray, various seasonings (like “Saturday Morning Cereal” flavor), and a “SNEAKIES set,” which is made “for seasoning on the go and ‘sneaking’ into the movie theatre,” according to a press release. Questlove said in a statement:

Movies and popcorn are one of the classic pairs in Western
Civilization, like Starsky and Hutch or Ashford and Simpson. Being an
avid movie-goer and huge popcorn fan, I wanted to create my own
popcorn collection and give it a personal Questovian spin, in two
directions. The first is my custom seasonings, which let you put extra
punctuation on the sentence of your popcorn, either directly from the
shaker or SNEAKIES, with the help of a good spray of avocado oil for
full seasoning coverage. The second is the Glow Bowl I designed that
will make your popcorn happy when it’s laying in there and you happy
when you’re scooping it up with your hands on date night or at a
holiday gathering.

Questlove is no stranger to food gifts: His 2016 book something to food about: Exploring Creativity with America’s Most Innovative Chefs was nominated for the James Beard Foundation Book Award for Nonfiction. Last year, he partnered with Williams Sonoma to design a spatula for charity.

Questlove Popcorn Seasoning Collection. Photo Credit: Marcus Maddox

Watch Questlove on Pitchfork’s “Over/Under”:

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